To shower or not to shower….

April 16, 2010

My husband, who has been very supportive of my new venture, sent me a link to a blogpost recently – “10 Tips to keep yourself sane when working from home” ( Some of these top tips were really useful (“build a comfortable office”), others obviously more targetted at IT nerds than me (“get more than one awesome computer system”??????), but one really shocked me “shower every day”! SHOWER EVERY DAY????? What is that about? It wouldn’t cross my mind not to shower every day – at least once (being a runner)….

But I got to thinking that maybe this thing is a question of degree. While “to shower or not to shower” is not something I spend a lot of time chewing over, I have had a bit of a concern that “to dress or not to dress” could be an issue. Not that I was anticipating lounging around my new comfortable office in my birthday suit. But I was worried that I would fall into the trap of spending all day every day sitting around either in pyjamas or running gear. In my previous “going out to work” life, I had a bit of a tendency to change into my running gear straight after work and after my run either to shower and put on pyjamas or similar comfy but unattractive slobby gear – or to hang around in my sweaty gear and to shower just before bed. The same at weekends if I’m not going out.

But can you do a professional piece of work when sitting at your desk in your pyjamas?????

Maybe you can, but I think I would probably very quickly start feeling like a total slob. Therefore I have made some rules:

  • I have to get dressed in proper clothes every day. It doesn’t have to be my best business gear, but it can’t be jogging trousers, pyjamas or running gear.
  • I need to put on mascara and brush my hair every day.

And, I can report, so far so good!


One Response to “To shower or not to shower….”

  1. Cripes, I have failed on both counts today 😦
    So far, at least. I do plan to take myself in hand sometime after the dishwasher man has left. I didn’t want to look too hot for him coming.

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