Night sweats……

April 21, 2010

I’m not actually supposed to be sitting in my office at the moment – I’m supposed to be on the other side of the world working. My area of work depends on my spending a fairly large proportion of my time travelling to all kinds of weird and wonderful places. This week I was scheduled to be on my first trip as a freelancer – to a country in the pacific.

I guess everyone who contemplates starting their own business spends more than a little time worrying about the risks. My 4 am panic sessions have been focused around two main themes – “what if I don’t get any work?” and “what if I get too much work?” It never crossed my mind to spend time worrying about “what if I get enough work, but I have to let my clients down (and not make any money) because I can’t leave Denmark because a volcano in Iceland will erupt sending a cloud of dust into the Danish airspace”. 

I mean, what are the chances of that actually happening? And on my very first assignment?

So I spent the weekend glued to the screen following the tracks of the volcano dust, before finally throwing the towel in the ring. Luckily the volcano hype has reached the pacific even if the dust hasn’t so my clients are cool even if my bank account is suffering.

And I can devote my 4 am panic attacks to “will the volcano calm down before my next trip scheduled in 10 days??????”


One Response to “Night sweats……”

  1. […] I already wrote about having to cancel assignment 1 because of our friend the Icelandic volcano […]

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