Fit for fight…..

June 9, 2010

Happily I can report that my first meeting with the Haematology Dept. at Herlev Hospital yesterday instilled me with a lot more confidence in the Danish Health Service than my last encounter (see my previous post). There is a lot of debate in Denmark at the moment about closing small hospitals in favour of so-called “super-hospitals”. Haematology is a specialism that has already been centralised in only 4 or 5 hospitals in the country and I can only say that I have no problem travelling a bit further if I can be treated in a unit where they are deeply specialised in exactly my illness. Everyone I met in Dept. LA121 had just the right mixture of professionalism, warmth and urgency which bodes well for the next few months!

It suddenly occurred to me yesterday that hanging out in hospitals has now taken over in my life from hanging out in airports/planes! To be honest I’m not that keen on hanging out in either, but choose to look on both as a necessary evil to achieve an objective! And I had a bit of a warm up for hanging out in hospitals when I spent 5 days in a Swiss hospital in February with my daughter who had broken her leg.  

Both hospitals and airports provide excellent opportunities for people watching which is a pastime I do enjoy.  The public you come across in each is a little different, but I can’t help thinking that the ones you see in airports (particularly in business class or the charter tourists downing the beers before their 6 am flights) are just gearing up to be the ones that will later hanging out in hospitals (of course I can see the irony that I have ended up there too!).

Bizarrely, though, hanging out at the hospital makes me feel a lot better about myself. My pulse and my blood pressure provoked exclamations of admiration from both nurses and doctors and I realised they are just not used to dealing with fit people! I felt very pleased with myself when the young (dare, I say cute?) medical student who was having trouble giving me local anaesthetic in my hip (to take a bone marrow biopsy) exclaimed “it’s because you are so amazingly slim!” And as I sat in the blood test waiting room and looked around I felt out of place among the wrinkled, wheelchaired whining flock.

 Yes, I do feel that it is deeply unfair that I got this disease when I am so fit and healthy, but I do also deeply believe that my fitness and healthiness are going to serve me well in enduring and recovering from the coming months of treatment……


2 Responses to “Fit for fight…..”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Yes Kerry, it was definately a Samantha moment;-) And as another friend said yesterday – at our age we need to consider young cute doctors as a fringe benefit!

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