Here’s the plan…..

June 18, 2010

I’ve been feeling really great this week! A feeling I can only describe as a heightened sense of wellbeing – strange as it may seem. I’ve been trying to get some things done since I’ve no idea what I will be feeling like in coming weeks, but at the same time have NO GUILT (yes, it took me a while to recognise that one, but ladies – it feel s good!) about doing absolutely nothing if that is what I feel like. One sunny afternoon I just went out into the garden and read my book for the whole afternoon!

Yesterday I got the results of my staging tests and my treatment plan.  My Hodgkin’s is stage 2A – it is in both my armpits and both sides of my neck, but hasn’t spread below my diaphragm or anywhere else for that matter.  The “A” signifies that I don’t have night sweats, fevers or weight loss. (You can read more about the stages of Hodgkin’s here).

Relatively speaking 2A is good!

The treatment is 4 rounds of chemotherapy (ABVD), with each round lasting 4 weeks and two treatments in each round. In other words I’ll be having the chemo every second Monday starting from this Monday for the next 16 weeks until end September/October and then radiation therapy after that. I will be honest here and say that 16 weeks seems like a very long time…..

Once again the hospital impressed with their professionalism. They gave me a huge thick binder full of information – a lot of it about the potential side effects. I have to confess that I’m struggling to read a lot of this stuff – I start feeling bad as soon as I read it! So my heroic hubby has agreed he will read it and be in charge of side-effects! There is even a book in the folder for him “dit liv som pårørende” which doesn’t translate very well, but is something like “your life as the closest relation”. What can I say….

But it’s Friday afternoon and nearly weekend which I’m going to enjoy before Monday morning rears its ugly head!


One Response to “Here’s the plan…..”

  1. Colin @365er Says:

    Wishing you all the very best with your treatment. I know 4 months sounds a long time, but I can report that my 3-month ABVD treatment (3 rounds) passed incredibly quickly – it’s not much fun, true, but it IS bearable. And of course, when the weariness eases off between treatments, I hope you feel you can run a little, anyway.

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