Chemo #1 Day 4

June 24, 2010

Yes, I did manage to go for a run on Tuesday afternoon! Compared to my normal standards it was a very short, very slow run (though I think I just decided to give up on comparisons with “normal”) but I ran all the way without having to stop and walk. And I felt a lot better afterwards. So now I know that I can run even when I’m feeling a bit yucky.

But yesterday there was no way I could run – yesterday I was feeling VERY yucky! My head was so heavy it couldn’t hold itself up and any flat surface was beckoning me to come and lie down. And I didn’t try very hard to resist.  But it was a good day anyway! A surprise visit from my husband’s aunt cheered me up just when I needed it.  And in the evening I didn’t feel up to attending the Sankt Hans arrangement (Danish Midsummer celebration) in our town, so instead we had a bonfire in the garden and I snuggled under a blanket while the rest of the family toasted marshmallows and fed me with them. A good evening!

But I do have some things I’m struggling with (for those who don’t want too much info on chemo side effects you may want to skip to the next paragraph) – stomach issues. I haven’t had any nausea at all thank goodness. However I have totally lost my appetite and my sense of taste (though the thoughts of some foods – even things that are normally favourites – can make me gag). On top of that I have had problems with my digestive tract feeling very irritated. I think this is related to the serious dry mouth problem, which obviously makes it really difficult to digest anything –and particularly raw things, which isn’t great for someone who is used to eating copious amounts of fruit and veg. Plus issues at the other end don’t make it a good time to abandon fibre! So I’m experimenting to find out what works – an attempt with veggie smoothies wasn’t good, but I’m thinking soup might be better. Other ideas and suggestions gratefully received!  And if that wasn’t enough, several times a day my stomach just goes into a big gigantic cramp which makes me double over – not sure what that is about – I suspect it is just my stomach’s way of telling me it doesn’t like what I’m doing to it….

Today I’m back to feeling just a bit yucky, which compared to yesterday actually feels quite good! Lucky really because I have to head off the hospital soon for some more tests and this evening I’m planning to do a run with a bunch of friends. Another good day I think!


7 Responses to “Chemo #1 Day 4”

  1. Colin @365er Says:

    Kirsten, I was advised not to eat anything raw while having my chemo because of the increased risk of infection – your white blood cell production, or specifically your neutrophils, is decimated, so you can’t fight infection as easily as you used to be able to. So that means watching what you eat, and raw stuff is risky, and I was told not to eat deli food or takeaways (not a big feature of my diet, admittedly). Check out this site for some ideas – – and definitely speak to your cancer nurse or team dietitian for guidance. And consider something like lactulose to help with the bowel movements … it makes a difference.

    Well done on getting that run in … keep it going when it feels right.
    Colin @365er

    • Kirsten Says:

      Thanks Colin, that is a useful site. I also found some ideas on the danish cancer charity website with ideas for food, so I guess I just have to experiment!

  2. Helena Says:

    nearly two years of treatments later and still at it, I put my thoughts down in
    Have a look you might find it helpful

  3. Joe Says:

    Holy *hit I am impressed. I don’t get to use the word “gumption” very often (despite trying – just doesn’t fit well in UN speak), but I finally have a chance now: You got MUCHO gumption!

    Is that even the right way to use the word? Whatever. I think you get it :-))

  4. Pity it didn’t work out with the smoothies. At least you get to save on the blender now 🙂 So great you feel well enough to run this evening. You’ll probably still run faster than us all 😉

  5. Helena Says:

    Thank you.
    Any tips/thoughts welcome.
    Am plannning to turn the blog into a proper sight/newspaper column . dont know yet.
    Spread the word for me.
    Just to let you know, I have just had anohter clear scan ( 3-6 motnhs repreieve). Bearing in mind the aggressive nature of the cancer I have, believe me, there is truth in what is said about the strentgth of mind.
    All the best

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