Hair today, gone tomorrow….

June 29, 2010

Yesterday I went wig shopping!

When I first started telling people my cancer news one of the first questions quite a few (mainly men) asked was if I was going to lose my hair. This was accompanied by an assumption from all that I would be getting a wig.

This surprised me! The hair thing wasn’t really my biggest concern at that point. Moreover, my initial reaction was that there was NO WAY I was going to wear a wig – my aversion to the wig idea was much stronger than my aversion to baldness! I had visions of old ladies with things looking like birds’ nests perched on top of their heads.

But others apparently had different ideas. Particularly my teenage son was horrified at the idea of a hairless mother! And when the hospital gave me a requisition to go out and buy a wig of my choice at their expense (the Danish Health Service is amazing!), I realised that maybe the world is not ready for a bald Kirsten, so I decided to give it a chance.

So yesterday, accompanied by two of my fantastic friends, I headed to Frida Davidsens Parykatelier with an open mind (and still with hair on my head). It was a revelation! I was a bit worried when we walked in because there weren’t very many wigs on display, and none of them seemed particularly appealing. But once they got the three of us settled around a mirror, and having ascertained that I wanted something that looked pretty much like my own hair, the two ladies produced box after box with wigs, most of which, to be perfectly honest, looked much better than my real hair! When they didn’t have the style I liked best in the colour I wanted, they called the supplier who agreed to send over a couple more for me to go in and try next week. When I settle on the one I want they will cut it so it is perfect! Goodbye bad hair days!

 I’m still not sure that I’ll wear the wig every day. I’ve always loved hats and the reason I don’t wear them more is because they flatten my hair, so now is my big chance to indulge my hat passion. I already have some that sit so low that you can’t see whether or not you have hair, and I plan to invest in more. But I’m glad I decided to give the wig a chance. I’m honestly not sure anyone would realise it wasn’t my hair – except, of course, that I have now just told the world!


6 Responses to “Hair today, gone tomorrow….”

  1. I still think you should have gone for the magistrate look 😉

  2. Kirsten Says:

    Foody, it’s not too late!

  3. Lisa Says:

    dont forget to remove the price tag:-)

  4. Bo Says:

    hejsa Kirsten
    jeg læser din blog med stor respekt og prøver at forstå det hele, mit engelsk er ikke helt up to date.
    jeg syns du tager situationen og alvoren på en rigtig god og fin måde, og jeg glæder mig til at læse nyt…….din måde at skrive på er super
    kæmpe knus og kram fra Bo

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