Third time apparently not so lucky…

July 16, 2010

I was at the hospital for my blood tests and a consultation with the Doctor today. The chemo “damages” the blood so I have to go and have blood tests before every treatment (plus before any other procedure, like having my catheter installed).  

I had my new catheter installed on Wednesday. The operation wasn’t nearly as unpleasant this time as it was the previous time thank goodness. The bad news is that my chest is beginning to look like a dart board with all the wounds on it – they had to put the new one in a different place from the old one. But who cares? Because the good news is that the new one worked beautifully when I had my blood tests this morning!

But that was the only good news this morning. My white blood cell count is way too low, so my chemo has to be postponed. I have to go back next Friday for more blood tests and hope that the count has improved enough so they can give me the chemo the following Monday. The Doctor explained that postponements don’t affect the overall effectiveness of the treatment, but of course, every week it gets postponed means a week more before it is all over….. And if I’m already struggling with a low count after my second treatment, I can’t imagine this is the last time this will happen.

With such a low white blood cell count my body simply isn’t able to fight infection, so I now need to be extra paranoid about avoiding any infection risk plus call the hospital at the least sign of a temperature (38.5 or higher!) or sore anything in which case it is antibiotics for me!

Although I’m disappointed – I just want to get this phase of my life over – a small part of me was also cheering that I get a week’s respite from the chemo. Hurrah! Another week of feeling “good”, before the next dose of chemicals!


2 Responses to “Third time apparently not so lucky…”

  1. neil Says:

    *sigh* thinking of you – that’s tough. so is that next week’s holiday plans blown?

  2. Kerry Says:

    Sorry to hear that. Seems like there’s no end to the challenges. Like Neil, I’m wondering about the Bornholm plans. Hope you and the family get your getaway. xx

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