More Hairy Stories….

August 12, 2010

Hairy Story nr. 1

For some time now I have been working my way through all 6 series of Sex and the City and on Monday afternoon, feeling rather fragile after Chemo # 4, put it on for a bit of a distraction. Or so I thought, but as the episodes unfolded I witnessed my favourite character, Samantha, being diagnosed with cancer. It was like seeing scenes from my recent life as she blurted out the news to her friends, lost her hair, went wig shopping with friends, had chemo etc. Well, OK, it wasn’t exactly like my life – I didn’t blurt out my news at my friend’s wedding, the circumstances when I noticed my hair was falling out were, ahem, somewhat different, but most of all, Samantha seemed to sail through her chemo without any interruption to her red-carpet, party-going, cocktail-drinking lifestyle, albeit accessorised with a variety of funky and fabulous wigs!  I laughed and cried at the same time for Samantha and her friends – and for me and mine. Very therapeutic!

Hairy Story nr. 2

Every family has them: those stories which get trundled out from time to time, usually at the expense of one of the family members! My sister reminded of one of our stories last week, it goes like this. When we were little girls (I think I was probably about 5 or 6) we were visiting a pair of elderly sisters who lived in our village along with our parents. The ladies commented that they thought I resembled my Dad. I apparently looked crestfallen and when asked blurted out “But I don’t want to be bald!”.  You can judge for yourselves if you think I resemble him because this is a picture of my Dad who died of cancer 5½ years ago.

Hairy Story nr. 3

A few weeks ago when I was at the hospital for blood tests I saw two incredibly glamorous women in the waiting room. This was remarkable partly because, to be honest, you don’t see that many glamorous people hanging around the cancer blood test waiting room (except me of course!), but mainly because they were both completely bald! Of course, there are a lot of bald women hanging around there, but these two are the only ones I have seen who don’t cover up with a hat, scarf or wig. I was impressed! Then last week one of my friends sent me a link to an article in a newspaper which was about these two.  And then on Monday I saw an interview with them on the TV! They are sisters, age 43 and 44 called Josephine and Josine Bergsøe, who were diagnosed with cancer a month apart and are now undergoing chemo.  They have decided to use their situation to do whatever they can to explode the taboo about women and baldness. As they say, 18,000 women in Denmark get diagnosed with cancer each year and a large proportion of them lose their hair due to chemotherapy. Yet how many bald women do you actually see out and about? If more of us dared to bare, it wouldn’t be such a shocker and a cause for staring when we did. I salute you Josephine and Josine!

A Hairy Challenge!

My own hairy story has been dragging on a bit more than I expected when I started this journey, but by yesterday I had had enough of looking in the mirror and seeing something that looked like an inmate of Shutter Island staring back at me. I shaved the remaining sorry straggles off and am now officially a baldy! And inspired by Samantha, my Dad, Josephine and Josine (not necessarily in that order!) I feel quite empowered by my new non-do! And while I don’t think I will go to J&J’s lengths, I like that I have the choice to go bald, behatted or bewigged depending on my mood. Now, I’m sure you are all desperate to see what I look like sans-hair, and you are going to get your chance. Within the next few days I am going to launch a little sponsorship challenge whereby if you donate to a charity of my choice and we manage to hit a pre-defined target I will publish photos of myself without hair both here in the blog and on facebook. So get those credit cards ready and watch this space for more information!


5 Responses to “More Hairy Stories….”

  1. Kerry Says:

    Hats off to you and the other two glamourous ladies! (Excuse the pun 🙂 I saw the clip with them – perfect timing for them to launch their campaign.

  2. Neil Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what sort of hair you get when it grows back. Everybody I know who has had chemo got different hair when it regrew.

    Curly? 🙂

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  4. […] than at the thought of being bald. So it was a huge relief to me to realise that going bald was an option and when I did shave my head the honest truth is that I quite like the way I looked bald. It made […]

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