As promised…..

August 18, 2010

Wow – that went fast! Thanks a million to those of you have donated to Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research in honour of my bald head! If you are sneaking a peak here and haven’t already donated, it isn’t too late! Just go to and click “donate now”.  The page will remain open indefinitely so you can do it whenever you feel like it – or have saved up enough!

So here you go!


And a few more shots…..


In this one you can see a long forgotten scar – I think it makes me look pretty tough! It’s actually the result of falling and bashing my head on a radiator when I was a kid. I clearly remember getting it stitched up by my classmate’s Dad in their laundry room (OK he was a Doctor!) and the copious amounts of blood down the back of my school shirt! You can also see how shapely the back of my head is. By some bizarre coincidence, the day I shaved my head there were news reports here in Denmark about the increasing number of people wanting surgery because the backs of their heads are too flat because they were laid on their backs as babies. I obviously didn’t spend much time on my back during my early years!

In the week since I shaved I have actually dared to bare more than I had expected. The first time I went out of the house bare headed was a bit scary – beforehand I was dithering around trying to decide if I could do it. But my sweet husband said I looked great, took me by the hand and came with me to the local annual “country fayre”.  I actually forgot all about it once I was out and to be honest people don’t really pay much attention. A few people glance an extra time, but that’s about it. And since then I can’t be bothered with the hat, and haven’t had one on since.

I had a strange moment the other day when I was strolling up our main street and chanced upon my daughter’s (age 12) school class sitting drawing. I wasn’t sure how she would take it and for a second contemplated turning and running the other way. I stood my ground though, and greeted her like there was nothing strange and she was totally cool about it. I’m proud of her!

There have been some weird practical issues around shaving my head that I hadn’t anticipated! The first was that my scalp was so white it was almost blue (a skin shade particular to Scots!). Since it is summer my face is quite brown at the moment, so it looked totally bizarre. So I had to head off to the shops to buy some fake tanning lotion (probably the first time the shop assistant has been consulted on the best self-tanning product for heads!).

I had also fondly imagined that, since the hair everywhere else on my body has stopped growing, this would be the case also on my head. Wrong! Those few hairs left seem to be alive and well and I quickly had a layer of stubble! My ancient ladyshaver definitely wasn’t up to regular head shaving, so it was off to the shops again. This time the shop assistant admitted that it was the first time anyone had openly consulted him about the best shavers for heads, but he took it pretty well!

So a word of advice – if you are thinking of shaving your head to save time washing and styling your hair, think again – shaving and tanning are just as time consuming!


3 Responses to “As promised…..”

  1. R. Hunja Says:

    Yes, Kirsten, you look cute!

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