Halfway scan results

September 3, 2010

Today was blood test day AND scan result day. A few of you have asked me when I was going to get the results which actually made me feel a bit guilty because I had nearly forgotten all about it! I guess I ought to have been anxious about it, but I haven’t been at all! I have just been assuming that the news would be good (on the basis that there would be time enough to worry about it if I found out it wasn’t I suppose…). Anyway….

Good news!

Before starting treatment I had active cancer cells in 4 locations (both sides of my neck and both armpits) but now only in one location (forgot to ask which, but it doesn’t really matter)!

My blood tests were actually fine – not great but good enough. However I have been having some problems with a recurring infection in my catheter entry point. I finished a course of penicillin on Tuesday, but it has flared up again since then. So the Doctor decided it would be tempting fate to go ahead with chemo on Monday so it has been postponed for a week and I get another course of penicillin to see if we can get it properly cleared up.

I am actually quite pleased it has been postponed. I’ve been feeling very tired this time around. Last week I was really out of it for several days and while most of the other times I have felt a lot better around the start of week 2, this time I still haven’t really reached that point. So, even though it means the end of chemo is delayed another week, it is a relief to have an extra week just now to recover a bit more.  

And now I can enjoy my weekend without chemo-Monday looming!


2 Responses to “Halfway scan results”

  1. Colin @365er Says:

    That’s fantastic news on the scan, Kirsten. Here’s to the scan when they announce that the fourth site is clear too; I know it is just a matter of time! Stay positive, and take all the time you need to rest – this cancer business really does take its toll, but with the right attitude (i.e. YOUR attitude), you’ll come out the other side stronger in many ways. Take care, Colin

  2. […] last time I wrote chemo #6 had just been postponed by a week due to a recurring infection at my catheter entry point, […]

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