Chemo 7 Day 3 and feeling a bit rough..

October 6, 2010

Hmm, well feeling a bit rough today, but that has often been the case – Tuesday not so bad and Wednesday worse – I have no idea why!

The rest of yesterday went pretty much as predicted and was spent mostly in my sofa-nest watching TV or sleeping. I did manage to roll off the sofa in the late afternoon, struggle into my running kit and head off for a wee run. I only managed 4 km and to be honest the pace would probably be classified more as a shuffle than a run, but hey I did it and I didn’t walk or stop except to cross the road.  The timing is critical – if I run just before dinner my appetite improves and I can eat a bit more. It was Pasta Bolognese again – although the rest of the family had something else, something that I couldn’t face.

I ought to probably mention that on my “bad” days my hubbie does all the cooking, packed lunches etc. He also does more than his fair share on the “good” days, but I do contribute as much as I can. He also has done all the big food shopping since I started on chemo and masses of other stuff. Then again if you have been following my blog you have probably realised by now that I am married to a real hero!

Anyway, I didn’t really sleep very well and today I don’t feel that great. However I am determined to go to Krop & Kræft this afternoon although it does seem rather overwhelming just at the moment…. Normally I wouldn’t consider it the way I’m feeling, but today is the second last session….. I’m disappointed that I have missed so much. The programme was for 6 weeks and I missed two weeks when I was in hospital and then I missed last Friday because of my blood tests and then Monday and Tuesday this week because of chemo… It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just around the corner – during our sessions there is a lot of understanding for the fact that we have good days and bad days – and there is always a nurse on hand. But I need to drive into Copenhagen……

Anyway, now I am going to retreat to my nest and see if I can have a wee sleep and maybe then I’ll feel more like it…..


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