Chemo 7 Day 4 – Wednesday was a write-off

October 7, 2010

Well, the remainder of Wednesday turned out to be a complete write-off. After posting on the blog I went and lay down and didn’t get up again for the rest of the day apart from for essentials like anti-nausea tablets, food, teeth-brushing etc. Needless to say I didn’t make it to Krop & Kræft, but the days where I would be annoyed with myself for not doing something I had planned to do are long gone. You learn to be very forgiving and tolerant with yourself when you are on chemo.

I didn’t sleep too badly last night. I still woke up every couple of hours with my mouth and throat dried out, but a sip of water or a squirt of my mouth spray sorts that out pretty quickly. I also don’t think I have mentioned my hot flushes, but I have also started having hot flushes – worst at night, but also during the day. I was warned that there was a chance that the chemo would provoke my menopause, and I think that is probably what is happening, though I still have my fingers crossed that everything will return to normal when I finish chemo. I guess since I’m 47 it wouldn’t really be considered premature, but still, I absolutely don’t feel ready for that… But then again, in the general scheme of things I suppose it isn’t such a big deal……

This morning I feel quite a bit better, though pretty wobbly. It is a bit like the feeling you have after a tummy bug or flu or something, when your legs are a like jelly and you feel generally feeble! However I have no big plans for the day. In a while I will go out for a walk – I want to go to the second hand shop and see if I can find a “80s” top for my daughter (age 12) who is going to a theme party tomorrow night – how I wish I hadn’t chucked all my old clothes out! Otherwise I will have a nap after lunch and a lazy afternoon and evening, though I will try to go for a wee run in the afternoon. This evening there is a farewell party for my daughter’s teacher who is going off on maternity leave, but I am going to give that a miss and let my husband do the honours. I try to go to things as much as possible, but my tummy isn’t stable enough yet to be able to face a pot-luck buffet…..

I’m crossing my fingers that I am feeling better tomorrow since I have a bit of busy day planned…. and I HAVE to go to the very last Krop & Kræft tomorrow!


One Response to “Chemo 7 Day 4 – Wednesday was a write-off”

  1. I am so amazed you still go out for those runs. So great that you’re not letting the cancer/chemo take that away from you 🙂 Keep up the great spirit & hopefully see you next week…

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