Looking Good and Feeling Better

November 3, 2010

OK, maybe I should leave it to others to judge whether I am looking good, but I’m definitely feeling better! However what I’m actually referring to is a course I was on yesterday. It was a skincare and makeup course run by a charity called “Look Good Feel Better” which is supported by the cosmetics industry. What they do is organise these courses for women with cancer to show them how to disguise some of the side-effects cancer treatment has on the appearance (missing eyebrows and eyelashes, dry skin etc.).

So we were 15 women gathered yesterday for 2 hours where we were shown how to apply the skincare products and makeup that we got in our goody-bags, which we were allowed to bring home afterwards. And I’m not talking about samples here, but full-sized products from good quality cosmetic companies! It was a lot of fun – it isn’t often as an adult that you “play” with make-up. We had a laugh and we chatted a lot about issues relating to losing our hair, our eyebrows, our lashes etc.  And for a couple of hours we were spoiled, not just with the products we were given, but also plied with tea/coffee/biscuits/fruit which they served us with.

I really think this is a great concept. After all it is a total bummer when you get cancer that not only do you have all the health related stuff going on, but that you have to suffer the indignities related to your appearance. It’s not just the hair, but the eyebrows go too (I usually have thick dark eyebrows and now I have pale tufts) and the eyelashes (all my bottom lashes are gone and on the top I have a few sparse stumpy lashes left). Not only that, but a lot of the time I’ve frankly been looking pretty grey and colourless.

My reaction has been to make a bigger effort than usual with my appearance. I’ve always worn makeup when I’ve been at work, but otherwise have been quite relaxed about my appearance. However for the last few months I have rarely left the house without some makeup – in particular eye makeup to deal with the missing brows and lashes, but most importantly blusher to cheer up my grey complexion and the fact that my face looks totally colourless when I don’t have any hair.

It obviously works! A lot of people have commented on how well I’m looking – usually sounding very surprised when they say it. I’ve also had a few comments to the effect that it is strange that I haven’t lost my eyebrows – just shows what you can do with an eyebrow pencil.  

But the best thing is that it makes me feel better when I make an effort with my appearance, so thanks to the Look Good Feel Better people for the course yesterday. And to any readers who are also living with cancer I can definitely recommend going on one of these courses – apparently they are active in 20 countries so there should be a chance that there is one near you.


2 Responses to “Looking Good and Feeling Better”

  1. Karin Says:

    Hi Kirsten, this is great idea and I have recommended it to a friend of mine. It is just what she needs right now, midway through chemo. Thanks!

  2. […] Friday and I have to go again tomorrow. OK Tuesday probably doesn’t count because that was for my Look Good Feel Better course. On Wednesday I had to go for blood tests in connection with the preparation for the […]

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