Life after chemo!

November 7, 2010

Well I managed 14 whole days without a visit to the hospital after my last chemo on 18 October – I think that was a record since the middle of May! It didn’t last long though and this week I was at the hospital Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday and I have to go again tomorrow. OK Tuesday probably doesn’t count because that was for my Look Good Feel Better course. On Wednesday I had to go for blood tests in connection with the preparation for the radiotherapy (yes, that was the end of “no needle” break too!). Thursday I had to go for a CT scan. I’m actually a bit confused about that one – I thought I wasn’t going to have another scan until after completion of the radiotherapy and I haven’t any appointments scheduled to get the results, but I just assume they know what they are doing. When I got the letter from the hospital, the appointment was for 19:10 in the evening AND I had to fast for 6 hours before – aargh! However they phoned the day before and asked if I could come at 4pm instead which was MUCH better! On Friday I had appointments to get the mould made for the radiotherapy and for another CT scan to plan where they need to zap me. However when I got there it turned out that hadn’t known about the CT scan the day before until they looked in my file that morning and apparently you can’t be injected with the IV contrast medium again within 48 hours (or presumably I would be so radioactive I would light up!) so that scan had to be postponed until Monday….

They did make the mould though, which was quite an interesting experience. They use a big plastic bag – I think it was 1m x 1m – full of what looks like tiny plastic balls which is connected to an air pump. I had to lie on the bag in the position that I will be in to get the radiotherapy i.e. with my head tipped back and my arms above my head (not very comfortable!) and then they moulded the balls around my sides, shoulders, head and arms. When she put air in the bag it became fixed in that shape – but she could release the air to adjust it as necessary. In the end she had a made a mould that is tight enough that when I lie in it I will automatically lie in exactly the same position.

Other than the hospital visits, though, it has been a good week. My energy is coming back and I’m enjoying my food again (as long as that lasts- because I’ll be getting the radiotherapy on my neck they predict I’ll have problems eating again then). I’m still having problems with my hand (peripheral neuropathy), but have spoken to the Doctor and there isn’t really anything that can be done about it, since the only medication that might help has side-effects that I’m not prepared to risk. But the combination of the pain in my hand and my hot flushes means I don’t sleep very well!

I also started doing a little bit of work again from this week – not a lot, but the equivalent of a couple of days a week spread out over the whole week. That has been great. Cancer had completely taken over my life for the last 4-5 months, but when I’m working I feel like myself again and it has been good for my confidence to find out that I haven’t forgotten everything!

This coming week will be a bit of a test as my hubbie is heading off to Berlin for a conference for the week so I’ll have to pull myself together and behave like a grown-up again!


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