The new me

December 12, 2010

Well, almost 6 months of cancer treatment are now over and life is returning to normal. It is definitely a different normal than before, and I expect that it will be a while before it settles down completely, but still…..

 You often read articles about people who have completely changed their life around after having cancer, but for me the change is much more subtle. I’ve always been a planner, with my thoughts full of what is going to happen in the day, the next week, the next month and the next year. So much so that I have often forgotten to enjoy the moment I was in. However it has been almost impossible to plan anything for the last six months, so I’ve had to learn to appreciate the moment! But it is much more than that…… It’s like having gone through this horrible, horrible time, nothing else really seems like such a big deal! It’s a cliché, but I’ve absolutely realised what is important – my family and my friends of course. And another thing, I’ve learned that is if I can deal with this, I can deal with anything, so what is the point is using my energy in planning and worrying – life can throw me whatever it wants and I know I can deal with it!

The manifestation of this is that I am much more relaxed and laid back – much more “there” – and I expect that my family would agree with this! So much so that this week – after many years of vetoing the rest of the family’s wish to get a dog – I capitulated gracefully (while we were out for dinner on Tuesday celebrating the end of my treatment!). So on Friday we welcomed wee Muffin to our family (no time was wasted in case I changed my mind!). And no surprise to anyone but me I am completely besotted!

It’s going to be a challenge to keep hold of the “new me” once this honeymoon period is over and I get more into work  again, but hopefully when I look at Muffin she will serve as a reminder  not to return to my old ways!


One Response to “The new me”

  1. Colin @365er Says:

    Congratulations on coming through your treatment – it’s onwards and upwards from here! I had my 2nd (in four months) All-Clear PET Scan result through on Wednesday, so it is starting to feel like I can finally put this episode behind me, though my running is still erratic, as my ITB is playing up 😦

    But what a great shift in outlook for you, too … enjoy taking life in your stride … and welcome to Muffin (who looks lovely, by the way). Any chance Muffin could be a running companion for you?

    Take care, Kirsten, and I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and 2011, with your treatment well and truly a thing of the past.

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