Running update

April 6, 2011

March turned out to be a bit of flop in terms of running due to an injury I picked up at the end of February. It hasn’t been serious, but I have had to cut back the amount of running I was able to do.  Like all runners I have previously always freaked out faced by injury – you would have thought the world was ending! However, my new chilled personality has also paid off this month. It just really hasn’t seemed like such a big deal in the grand scheme of things, which has probably resulted in me getting over it quicker that I would have in the past. Rather than refusing to admit it was a problem, keeping going and making it worse (yes, I bet the runners reading this know what I’m talking about!) I immediately backed off.

Not that I have been lazy, mind you. I have compensated for lack of running with an increase on the cross-trainer machine at the gym (I think some people call it the elliptical trainer) and have just translated my running workouts into cross-trainer workouts with the use of my heart-rate monitor. The total number of km I covered when counting running + cross-trainer was actually more for March than it was for February, but with a much higher proportion on the cross-trainer. I’m now pretty much over the injury and gradually increasing the running km and decreasing the cross-trainer km again.

It’s still over 5 months until Berlin Marathon on 25 September, but it increasingly seems doable, albeit I have definitely dropped any ideas of a new personal best! I have never run my marathons for charity before, but this time it seems appropriate to use my experience to raise some money to give something back to the Danish Cancer Society “Kræftens Bekæmpelse”. I also have an idea that it could be a way to raise awareness about the benefits of exercise both during and after cancer treatment. I have already launched a campaign page and all donations are extremely welcome. However I plan to increase my campaigning efforts as the momentum increases towards September so you are going to hear plenty more about this!

In the meantime an update on the status of my “comeback” so far:

Month # km Average pace min/km Comments
April 2010 132 5:07 Typical month pre-cancer treatment
October 2010 88 5:54 Last chemo on 18 Oct.
November 2010 100 5:46 First radiotherapy 15 Nov.
December 2010 49 6:08 Last radiotherapy 8 Dec.
January 2011 100 5:53  
February 2011 103 5:44  
March 2011 47 5:43 Injured!

And here is a summary of my blog entries relating to running through cancer and beyond:


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