Six months and still in remission!

June 17, 2011

Pop the champagne – another milestone today: quarterly check up and all is well! And this time I managed to avoid having a total meltdown up to the appointment. Not that I didn’t have my hypochondriac moments (usually in the middle of the night), but this time I recognised them as being the symptoms of paranoia rather than cancer and was able to get them under control. This is definitely progress!

Nor did I give much thought to what I was going to wear this time around. I feel so fantastically well, healthy and full of energy these days that it no longer crosses my mind that anyone would think I was a sick person! In fact I did feel like a total fraud sitting in the waiting room today and almost considered telling the other patients that I have actually been ill!

I’m even more impressed that I have my paranoia so much under control that I actually asked the Doctor if my next check-up can be in 4 months rather than 3. In approximately 3 months I’m planning to run Berlin Marathon and if I was unlucky enough to get a dubious result from a check-up just before then it would totally wreck my plan to have a blast in Berlin.  Now I know that I don’t have to start worrying about my next check up until Berlin is well and truly in the bag!

Aaaahh life is good – let the weekend begin!


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