A close shave

August 4, 2011

No, I’m not talking about my body hair – though I must admit that more than a few times this summer I have thought longingly about last summer when it wasn’t only by head hair that disappeared and wearing short skirts was totally unproblematic!

No, I’m talking about the injury to my Achilles tendon during Etape Bornholm last week, which was a bit worrying with 8 weeks to go to my marathon, particularly considering that Achilles injuries are notorious for being difficult to get rid of.

Believe it or not this is in fact the fifth time I have planned to run a marathon, though I have only made it to the start line twice (and completed twice)!  The first time I signed up for a marathon was for Copenhagen in May 2007. 6 weeks before the big day I got an iliotibial band injury which I stubbornly kept on running on and not only couldn’t run the marathon, but couldn’t run at all for 2 months. I was pretty devastated, so when I decided to sign up for Copenhagen Marathon again in May 2008 I didn’t take any chances. That time I made it to the start line without any problems and had a fantastic marathon experience.

The following year (2009) I signed up for the New York Marathon. Training went well again that time, but 3 weeks before the big day I managed to get a stomach virus (thanks to a colleague who brought his sick kid to the office) which developed into a lung infection. I ran the marathon anyway, but definitely wasn’t in top form and it was a really tough experience and didn’t come anywhere near the new personal record I was after!

Still chasing a new personal record I signed up for Berlin Marathon 2010 (Berlin is supposed to be a fast course). Yeah – and then I got cancer!

Yep, I have only once managed to make it to a marathon without incident – and apart from once it has been totally outside my control! So you’ll understand my philosophy that actually standing on the start line is as much of an achievement as completing the marathon!

This time round a personal record is out of the question so my primary goal has simply been to make it to the start line without injury or illness, my secondary goal to complete the marathon and have a good experience and at the same time raise some money for charity. So last Thursday when I injured my left Achilles tendon, I wasn’t in any doubt that I should drop out of Etape Bornholm and stop running until I got some expert advice. I saw the physiotherapist on Tuesday and he said I had probably saved the day by doing that and reckons I should be back to normal training within a couple of weeks. Phew – what a relief! In the meantime he prescribed 3 x 20 mins running per week topped with unlimited alternative training plus some exercises for my Achilles. Yesterday I didn’t have any pain at all when I ran so things are looking good!

In the meantime I am now 100 kr away from the halfway mark for my fundraising goal! If you would like to be the one to tip it over halfway, then click here: http://www.betternow.org/en/projectskirstenejlskov


2 Responses to “A close shave”

  1. Jo Stephenson Says:

    So sorry you had to pull out of Etape Bornholm before the end, but it sounds like it was otherwise a great experience for you. Good luck with your Berlin Marathon training, and look after your achilles. It’s great for me to see you’ve been able to get back to the running so well.

    I’m sad to say that I have now decided not to do the Dublin Marathon, I realised I was getting stressed about how far behind I was on the training schedule. Fingers crossed I’ll have a place in London Marathon in 2013 when all this is behind me good and proper.

    Keep up the inspiration!!!!

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