From chemo to Berlin marathon – the final countdown

September 21, 2011

Well, here we are, one day of work to go and then we head off to Berlin. I guess I’m ready for it, though I feel very differently than I have done the other times I’ve run marathons. Even hubbie remarked the other evening that I was acting a bit weird. When pressed for what he meant he said that the other times I’ve been totally paranoid including being totally hysterical about what I ate, alcohol probably wouldn’t have passed my lips for weeks, and I would be totally freaking out about germs and any little ache or pain. As we had this conversation I was in the midst of my second “almost” hangover of the weekend, a weekend where I had been totally overindulging in all kinds of goodies, and well these days freaking out over aches and pains is a totally everyday part of my life, it’s just that these days I automatically think that its cancer and not some marathon preventing injury, so no weird behaviour there! So I guess I got his point.

It’s not that I’m not looking forward to it. I’m totally looking forward to my weekend in Berlin. It’s just that its more in a “looking forward to a long weekend in Berlin” kind of looking forward, rather than a “oh my god I have to run a marathon, what the hell was I thinking” kind of looking forward.

Part of it is that the other times I’ve had quite an ambitious time goal – 3:30 to be precise – a goal I have so far not actually met. This time I have no idea whether I’ll be 30, 60 or (oh I hope not!) 90 minutes longer on the job and since my goal is simply to finish, then I don’t really care (though obviously I’m hoping for closer to 30 than 90!). Otherwise my goal is simply to enjoy it and have a good time, and to be honest whether or not I had a glass of wine too many last weekend is going to make any difference! (I will try to restrain myself to a single glass this Saturday evening in case you are wondering – there is a limit to how casually I’m taking this).

Another part of it is that I have simply lost my fear of the discomfort and pain. It’s not that I don’t think there is going to be any – in fact I expect that there is possibly going to be more than the other times since I’m not in nearly as good shape and I’m going to be out there a lot longer. It’s just that last year the levels of discomfort and pain that I experienced on a never-ending basis for months on end have kind of made the normal running related pain seem like a bit of a joke. It’s not going to last more than a short-time and I’m not going to die from it, so I might as well just smile and enjoy.  

So I guess I’m ready, in the way that I’m ready this time around. I have a growing pile of things I don’t want to forget on the guest bed. The weather forecast is perfect, sunshine and NO WIND!  



Oh, and I do have a goal to raise 5,000 kr and I’m still 650 kr from that goal. So go on, please, please, please sponsor me! I might not be able to run a 3:30 marathon, but please help me to meet this goal!

And otherwise I’ll see you on the other side! (Of the marathon that is…….)


3 Responses to “From chemo to Berlin marathon – the final countdown”

  1. Colin Says:

    I hope you have a fantastic run, Kirsten. Relax and enjoy it … and you’ll probably surprise yourself with the time that you do. Have a good one. Colin

    • Kirsten Says:

      Thanks Colin! Hope you are doing OK these days?

      • Colin Says:

        Yes, I’m fine … just struggling to get my running back in gear. Frustrated by ITB – think it IS okay now, but wary and so not pushing it. Thank you for your offer of buddying-up to try to get me moving again, and sorry I’ve not taken you up on that yet … it feels that you’re way too far ahead of me in training. I need to get focussed on something – thinking possibly of a Half next March-May time (there are a couple of local ones to aim for)… we’ll see. But I hope Berlin goes well for you … what an achievement!

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