Boys and their toys

May 6, 2012

Like most women I have a giant handbag full of all kinds and weird and wonderful things. In fact it is so giant and full of so many things that I actually have a little bag inside the big bag so that I can keep everything under control! I’m not going to embarrass myself by telling you everything that I have in my bag, but let’s just say there are very few eventualities that I wouldn’t be prepared for.

Most women I know have a similar size of bag presumably with a similar range of contents. The thing is though, that we girls don’t show each other what we have in our bags. Yes, we are sisterly and happily dish out a plaster or a headache pill or the like to a sister in need who inadvertently doesn’t have said item in her bag (or  whose bag is so copious that she simply can’t locate it!), but generally speaking, the contents of our bags are a private issue.

Also like most women I know, I am also amazed that men can get by with what they have in their pockets.

Needless to say (or until this morning I thought it was needless to say) I don’t take my handbag with me when I go out cycling. On my bike, less is definitely better. I have a little saddlebag which has space for exactly a spare tube, little thingies to lever the tyre off (I have no idea what they’re called) and my iPhone. I have holders for both a pump and a water bottle on my frame (complete with pump and filled water bottle) and I have a holder for my GPS watch on the handlebar. Apart from that I have some tissues and my bank card in my pocket. That is it. I reckon with the combi of the phone, the bank card (which doubles as ID) and not forgetting the tissues, I have most eventualities covered!

I was totally bemused (amused?) then, as we were standing in a car park at 7am this morning prior to our cycle session, and the men in the group started comparing the stuff they had in their pockets. You know, those big pockets they have on the back of their cycling tops. Some of them even had things with them that they didn’t even really know how to use and had our trainer show them! One guy even had a handful (yes, not just one, but a whole handful) of rubber surgical gloves so he could keep his hands clean if he needed to change his tube!!!! What is that about???? Honestly their pockets were like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag the amount of stuff they had in there. And I can guarantee that by next Sunday their pockets will be even fuller as they now have to rush out and buy all the little gadgets that one of the others had that they didn’t. I expect we may even have another show and tell session next Sunday so they can show off their even fancier versions of the gadgets!


2 Responses to “Boys and their toys”

  1. neil Says:

    tyre levers.

  2. […] And in an earlier post I touched on the jersey pocket as a substitute for a handbag….. […]

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