The Ketchup Effect

June 8, 2012

When I decided to become a freelancer a couple of years ago one of my worries was whether I would be able to keep my travel activity at manageable levels. My line of work requires that I travel, there is really no way around it. In the years prior to the BIG DECISION I had typically been travelling around 80-100 days a year, albeit typically trips of not more than 1 week at a time. The problem with that was that I was usually expected to be wherever I was going from Monday to Friday which meant that many of my weekends were taken up with travelling, which really eats into family life.

If anything I expected my travel activity to increase as a freelancer and most likely to include trips of a longer duration. But I reckoned that at least 1. I would have control over what assignments I accepted and 2. My office would now be at home which would allow me more flexibility in my working hours to better fit around family life.

So far though I’ve been very lucky and the travel has by no means been excessive. While I have had projects enough to keep my busy full-time (and more if I wanted), the majority of the work has been home-based. In 2011 I only had around 30 work travel days spread out throughout the year which was definitely manageable! So far this year I have only had a couple of week-long trips.

Until now. Do you know the ketchup effect? (Shake, oh shake the ketchup bottle. None will come and then a lot will!).

Yes, well this week I’ve been in Amman, Jordan since Sunday and I head home again this evening (Friday). Then after less than 40 hours at home I head off again on Sunday evening to Windhoek, Namibia where I’ll be for 3 weeks.

I’m definitely NOT complaining though. While I am about as big a fan of airports and planes as I am of hospitals (a necessary evil!), these are very exciting projects which I’m delighted about working on.

So here I am in Amman and next week I’ll be in Windhoek, and life is good!


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