Ironman training starts today!

October 2, 2012

This Very Big Announcement may not be that much of a surprise if you’ve been following my blog or are in my close circle of family and friends. But it is now official. My next big goal is to do an ironman distance triathlon (3.8 km swimming, 180 km biking and 42.2 km running) before my next birthday. More precisely Challenge Copenhagen on 18 August 2013. Put the date in your diaries folks: I will be needing maximum support and cheering on the big day!

This has not been a hasty decision; in fact, it has been rather a long time in the making. The first time I had the idea was back in August 2010 when I watched Challenge Copenhagen (the bike route goes close to our house) with my chemo-baldy head. Obviously, the time was not ripe at that point (there are limits to my madness after all) but it really did inspire me.

With Berlin marathon under my belt almost exactly one year ago, as you may recall, I turned my attention to (1) seeing if I could regain some of my speed in running shoes and (2) learning to swim crawl. The sub-text to the latter was that if I did ever manage to learn crawl, then I would go for the Ironman in 2013. I set myself a secret goal that if I could swim 1000m crawl by the end of August, then I would go for it.

I did, so I am.

So officially training starts today. In true Kirsten style the kick off was a good lunch in a cosy café with my Coach where we had a really good chat about, hmm, well, a lot of things really, some of which were related to Ironman training! And actually I don’t have any training in my programme for today at all, so it looks I start my training with a rest day!

Hmm, this ironman thing isn’t really that strenuous at all!


5 Responses to “Ironman training starts today!”

  1. Danielle Gruner-Meyer Says:

    Wonderful Kirsten. Thinking a lot of you and wish I had your willpower! Off to Rwanda and Malawi. It back in DK in May 2013. Best wishes. Danielle

  2. Margaret Robinson Says:

    You are one crazy lady! Good luck with the training,

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