Playing in the Snow

December 9, 2012

Dec 2012 010Right now it’s blowing a snowstorm outside. And my training programme says I’m supposed to run 14 km with lots of hills today. Yesterday I was chatting about the weather forecast, specifically the predicted snowstorm, with some friends and I mentioned that I was supposed to run 14 km today and one of them said “yeah, and you’ll actually do it!”, like this was a kind of freakish behaviour! And I was like, “well yes, of course I will!” kind of taken aback that anyone would do anything else!

The thing is I really can’t imagine not going out for a run today. I’m kind of excited about it actually! Yes, as I sit here cosy in my pyjamas and look out, I realise that the first 5-10 minutes will probably be a bit yucky, but then I know that it is going to be FUN! I won’t be able to run as fast as usual, I’ll probably slip and slide around a bit, the snow will be blowing in my eyes, but it will be beautiful in the forest, it will be fun running up and down the snow covered hills and it won’t be long before I have a huge smile plastered over my face!

If I try to imagine the alternative: that I stay home in front of the fire watching a Christmas film on the TV, munching Christmas goodies, I can already start to feel a worm of bad conscience, and yes, disappointment, wriggling around in my stomach. Urgh. It’s horrible!

It makes me laugh when people say they admire my willpower to go running, no matter what. It’s got nothing to do with willpower.  I do it because love it! Because the alternative is unbearable!

So I’m going to go and wrap up now and then I’m going out for my run. And when I get back I’ll have a long, warm shower and then I’ll curl up in front of the fire, maybe watch a film and munch some Christmas goodies and I’ll feel great!

What are you going to do today?


4 Responses to “Playing in the Snow”

  1. Jo Says:

    Hope you enjoyed it. I ran 12 miles in much milder conditions than yours. Had a lovely dinner out and was snuggled up in pj’s by 4:30. Happy days.

    • Kirsten Says:

      I did thanks! It so so beautiful in among all the trees – not to mention quiet! And I was back in my pyjamas by 4:30 too;-) More worried about how it will go with the intervals scheduled for tomorrow – with snow up to the knees….

  2. Lisa Says:

    Just found a post from you on Jenny’s page from long ago (2010) and decided to click on your name to see how you are doing. Happy to see a recent post since all I knew was you were searching for info on running through chemo. I ran my first marathon with TNT and am running Herothon (LLS event) in SA,TX in January. And today I was supposed to run a long way and didn’t get to b/c of commitments and I’m cranky and I’m glad others understand where that comes from. 🙂

    • Kirsten Says:

      Wow! Well as you see I ran all the way through chemo and haven’t stopped since:-) Jenny’s blog was a big inspiration to me back then…. Hope you got out to run today and got over the crankyness;-)

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